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A New Ara Of Social-Online-Shopping Has Arrived!

Mighty Buyer Global Social Shop Community Launch...
Your own TOP Branded shop with a 6% to 40% Commission Profit Proven System to make a great "Residual Income"
Move over Amazon - here comes "Mighty Buyer"

Anyone with any business sense who seriously looks at this, will certainly want to be a part of this amazing ground floor opportunity! Once this Portal is fully online, nothing will be as it once was. It will change everything. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Now you can position yourself atop of the best, easiest and logistical system – what the network marketing industry has never seen before!

The Facts about Mighty Buyer

Start 2016: Launch autumn 2016, as the first global social shop community.

Selection: Huge Online Shop with over 700.000 articles from over 800 wellknown brands.

Income: Generates an attractive monthly income by marketing individual shop links.

Community: The concept of community volume shopping allows for a wide variety of products to be offered at incredible low prices.

Here‘s just some of the brands...

Mighty buyers Shop Brands

Mighty Buyer Shop

The Mighty Buyer Concept

The Mighty Buyer’s Concept is all about creating tools and methods to motivate people to take action.

The primary aim is to establish a strong global shopping community with our licensed partners, with hundreds of thousands license owners and millions of customers. More customers means more orders of stock and therefore will result in reduced pricing from suppliers.

The acquisition of new license owners and the generation of customers will be rewarded lucratively and fairly.

First it starts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the fall of 2016. Then in January 2017, Mighty Buyer will start up in many more countries.

People around the world interested in getting in on the ground floor can register as license partner for a monthly license fee of only 49 Eurodollars, which can be easily made in just one day with the Mighty Buyer incredible Shopping System!

License partners can make money in various ways, which is explained in detail below.
  • Shop commissions from their own Mighty Buyer Onlineshop.
  • Shop commissions from 5 generations of referral Partner shops.
  • Bonus commissions on their 3x10 forced matrix including those referred by other partners from above and below.
  • Automobile Bonus Programm
  • Voucher Bonus Program to buy products
  • Yearly profit sharing pool

Shop Commissions from Your Own Mighty Buyer Shop Link

Instead of entering the market as another big online-shop, Mighty buyer offers thousands of partners worldwide the opportunity to earn money with their own shop and generate a small, big or even very large income.

What’s really great is that Mighty Buyer will take care of the entire operation of the shop, such as warehousing, shipping and logistics, fulfillment, accounting, customer service, refunds etc. This means that License Partners can focus on gaining customers, who would like to shop at incredible low prices.

The professionals behind Mighty Buyer have been planning this for several years now using their many years of experience gained from doing business with established suppliers and have developed very good connections to these suppliers and major business organizations worldwide.

All active license partners will get a personal shop link. Example-Link:

Mighty Buyer will never run a Mighty Buyer Shop under the main domain which competes with its partners! This means, that all customers can only get access to the Mighty Buyer Shop through licensed partner links!

Because the shop contains hundreds of brands from various product categories, the trade margins between certain areas can vary largely. Thats why all articles will be sorted into roughly 40 article groups, which will contain individual trade margins. License partners will have these lists available at all times in their personal backoffice.

Example calculation: On one day, 4 customers buy via the shop link of a licensed partner for a total of 530.00€. The turnover could look like the following:
Article Price Commission % earnings
WG03 210.00€ 6% 12.60€
WG05 85.00€ 10% 8.50€
WG07 180.00€ 15% 27.00€
AG07 55.00€ 35% 19.25€
total sales 530.00€ total earned 67.35€
In this example, the license partner would earn 67.35€ on this day, just from 4 customers. In 30 similar days, this license partner therefore would have reached a monthly income of 2000€.

Commissions of Sponsored Partners
and Their Direct Partners

Licence partners who actively help to expand the partner network and therefore help strengthen the shop community are well rewarded. These License partners receive a bonus of 5% on their direct partners shop commissions and 5% of the next 4 generations.
Note: The above diagram is in German where the comma and the period are backwards. E.g. this 1.000,00 is in German. in English it would be 1,000.00

Bonuses on the 3x10 Forced Matrix Downline Levels

Mighty Buyer shares the monthly 49€ license fees with all its licensed members through a 3x10 forced matrix. License owners receive bonuses on 10 downline levels of the team structure in a triple forced matrix, no matter if these partners were invited by yourself or other partners. The 3x10 forced matrix only allows each partner 3 legs going down 10 levels. This means you can have 3 partners on the first level, on level 2, a max of 9 partners, on level 3, a max of 27 partners and so on.
Downline revenue through a 3x10 forced matrix team structure. Here again, the system supports and rewards licence partners, which are helping to establish a strong social shop community. License Partners receive earnings down to 10 levels deep in the forced matrix. This bonus is set by a fixed commission rate for each downline level. The calculation is based on all active partners, who have paid the licence fee of the current month.

Example calculation for Level 2: 9 Partners x 49€ x 11% = 48,51€ in earnings which in turn, covers your monthly license fee for each month!
The key to success... Always position yourself at the top! The great news for you is that we are only in the pre-launch phase putting you at the top! This 3x10 forced matrix was specially designed to keep people from quitting. If you can pay the 49 Eurodollars from your earnings, then there is no reason to quit! At the same time you do have to do some work to ensure that the 2nd level is full with active partners.

The Mighty Buyer Automobile Bonus

Once 111 active partners have fallen in your 3x10 matrix downlines, you are eligable for the car bonus no matter who brought them in!
In order to establish a fair car bonus program, the 50% rule needs to be reached to gather incentives. Therefor, since you need 111 partners for a car, 50% of the partners are allowed to come from the strongest line to gain the bonus (thats 55 partners). The remaining 56 partners must come from the other two lines.

Voucher Earnings from the 3x10 forced Matrix

All active license partners receive a bonus for building a successful team in the 3x10 forced matrix. On top of the monthly commission from the 10 levels of the 3x10 matrix, each license partner receives a voucher of up to 10%, which can be used to buy products on their own shop link for the following month. Commissions are also paid on voucher pruchases!

Annual Bonus Pool

1% of all license fees (49€ monthly) of the year, go into a bronze, silver and gold profit pool. With 111 active license partners in a month, one receives a share of the bronze pool. With 333 active license owners, one receives a share in the silver pool and with 999 active license owners, one receives a share in the gold pool. The pools are then divided equally corresponding to the shares.

Mighty Buyer Professional Management

The management and its international advisors have many years of experience in leadership positions at manufacturers, in consumer electronics, in the fashion business, in the establishment of brands, in PR and public work and much more over the years. The development team consists of international IT experts, who are specialised in development of the "Next Generation Applications". Furthermore, the team has a strong knowledge in key areas, such as development of fashion lifestyle – plus e-commerce platforms, data security, etc. as well as managing heavy trafficed websites.

Do You Want to be in on the Ground Floor?

  • Simply register on the button below, then pay the €49,00 Eurodollar license fee with a credit card, debit card or with a bank transfer.

  • After your payment is verified, your back office and shop will be immediately activated.

  • After activation, you can login at https://mighty-buyer.net where you can finish filling out your profile information

  • In your back office under profile, you will find your marketing link to start referring others.

  • Remember that 12 active partners in your 3x10 forced matrix will cover your 49.00 € monthly license fee no matter who invited them in. This is important because the development of the shop commissions may take a few months while Mighty Buyer is still in the pre-launch phase.

  • Team building - All partners should bring in at least 3 active partners and then support these 3 so they can also get 3 active partners who work together as a team to fill out the 3x10 forced matrix.

  • You can make a nice income without the 3x10 matrix just from commission sales of shop products. BUT the Matrix can make you wealthy – plus you get the car bonus and the voucher bonuses.

  • The car bonus starts at 111 active partners in the 3x10 forced matrix no matter who invited them.

  • Everyone in this Mighty Buyer Team, that is active, will receive a copy of this marketing website for free. Just contact your sponsor and ask how to get this website.

The Mighty Buyer Webinar

If you are not interested in the Mighty Buyer business opportunity that is OK. You can still become a customer and save up to 40% on retail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this website and we wish you all the best!



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